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Maggie Mackenzie is trying to train an Airedale terrier named Mitzy. Mitzy is very hard to train and that is frustrating Maggie. Maggie tries to get Mitzy to sit again but it won't work. Mitzy's owners asked Maggie to train Mitzy, they said she was a bit slow, but Maggie knows that no dog is dumb. Her grandmother taught her that.

Maggie lives with her grandmother, Dr. Mac, or as she calls her, Gran. Maggie's parents died when she was little, so Gran took care of her. Gran is a veterinarian, and owns her own vet clinic that connects to Maggie's and Gran's house.

Mitzy starts chasing her tail and Maggie tells her that she isn't there to play. Maggie pushes her backside down, trying to get Mitzy to sit. Instead Mitzy just rolls over wanting a belly rub. Maggie tries again to get Mitzy to sit by pushing down on her backside. This time Mitzy sits, but only for a second, then she jumps back on her feet. Maggie thinks that is good enough and lets Mitzy off her leash in the backyard. Maggie's dog, Sherlock a Basset hound, is not near as playful as Mitzy. He is very lazy and slightly over weight.

Gran calls to Maggie from her house, telling her to come in and do homework. Maggie hates homework, she tries to do good, but she is really terrible at it. Gran often lectures Maggie about doing well in school and getting good grades. Maggie tells Gran that she needs to work with Mitzy more and will do it in half an hour. Gran gives her five more minutes.

When Gran goes inside, her cat, Socrates comes outside. He is a big, russet-furred cat, Gran calls him her watchcat. Socrates runs over and climbs a tree, he then looks around like a lion watching his pride. Maggie calls Sherlock over to be an example of obeying to Mitzy. Maggie commands Sherlock to sit and he obeys. Then She tells him to lie down, and he does. Mitzy is watching them and Maggie hopes she'll learn something. Maggie tells Sherlock to sit, runs across the yard and then call Sherlock. Sherlock runs to her, with Mitzy by his side, and she praises them and showers them with pets.

All of a sudden a car pulls into the vet clinic's parking lot. They must have a patient.

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