These notes contain brief a description of the chapters in Fight for Life. If you would like more description please go to the chapter pages starting at Fight for Life/Chapter 1.

Chapter OneEdit

  • Maggie must train Mitzy, an Airedale terrier
  • Mitzy is very confused and won't listen
  • Maggie lives with her grandmother, Dr. Mac, who is a veterinarian since her parents died
  • Dr. Mac, also called Gran, and Maggie live in a house connected to Dr. Mac's clinic
  • Maggie finishes her training session with Mitzy
  • Gran calls Maggie to come inside and do her homework
  • Maggie hates homework, she always seems to get things wrong
  • Maggie gets five more minutes to train Mitzy
  • Maggie shows Mitzy how to follow commands by using her dog, Sherlock, as an example
  • A car comes into the clinic's parking lot, they must have a patient

Chapter TwoEdit

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